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2013 11 01
New Threat!


CryptoLocker is a very destcructive form of malware. CryptoLocker is installed by opening an infected attachment in an email or by another piece of malware such as a trojan. Once infected and in operation, CryptoLocker locks all of your files with a 2048 bit encryption scheme. Just for reference, your best WiFi security encryption is only 26 or 64 bit strong.

Once your files are encrypted, you are then instructed to pay a $300 ransom to unlock your files. After 72 hours are up the price jumps $1600 more.

What ever you do; DO NOT PAY!

Call IT Serenity and allow us a chance to recover your files. There is never a 100% guarantee that some or all of your files can be recovered. We have had very good success with our clients so far.

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Tool Bars Are BAD!
Avoid every tool bar you can. All tool bars are bad! No matter how reputable the company, tool bars are only permenant advertising taking up valuable browser real estate that track everything you do and open the back door for other malicious software to invade your system and slow it down. Yes, I said it; Tool Bars are MalWare! When you install software, NEVER CLICK OK... OK... OK... OK... OK...! OK is the PC killer. During the installation of any software, always choose the "Custom" option. The Custom option provides the opportunity to not have a tool bar installed, or your browsers Home Page and Search Engine hijacked.
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